Commerce Academy chandigsarh offers free tuition for students with online courses

Commerce Academy Chandigarsh, a state-run online learning centre, is now offering free online education courses for students from across the country.

The company has launched a ‘digital education platform’ at the centre.

The platform offers ‘free online education’ courses to students with the knowledge of the state-owned Commerce Academy.

This includes courses from the following schools, which are listed in the portal.

The programme also offers free online courses for women from across state government.

The centre has also set up an online training programme to help the teachers of the programme to better train their students.

Aware of the demand, the Centre has launched the programme, which includes courses in business, commerce, technology, and other subjects.

The programmes are aimed at enhancing the skills and capabilities of the students and provide them with a strong foundation for the future.

Commerce Academy Chandsarh has been running the programme since December 2016.

A year later, the centre is now a popular place for online courses.

“We have started to see a growing demand for the courses, especially from students of the Commerce Academy and from different parts of the country,” said Arvind Kumar, CEO of Commerce Academy, in an interview to ET.

“The centre is also attracting a lot of students from all walks of life.

They are eager to learn the skills of commerce.”

The Commerce Academy offers the online training programmes to teachers of its courses, and has also launched an online education programme, to help them better train students.

“We have set up a training programme which helps the teachers to better prepare their students for the jobs of the future,” said Kumar.

“Teachers can also get better training for their students by working with the Centre through the programme.”

The Centre also has a number of other programmes for students in various industries and fields.

“It has also been creating awareness among students of our programme through its digital marketing campaigns,” said Vijay Gupta, Vice President, Business Development and Education, Commerce Academy of Chandigsara.

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