The commerce academy: Google is building a new digital commerce academy in India

The commerce industry in India is on the rise, with Google’s Digital Commerce Academy set to start operations in the country later this month.

The academy aims to create a “digital commerce ecosystem” and create a framework for the country to build a digital business ecosystem.

The academy has launched a searchable database, and plans to launch a mobile app, which will allow students to find courses in various fields, and then create courses from them, according to The Indian Express.

The school, which has around 700 students from across India, aims to focus on the “dynamic and fast-paced” industry of online shopping.

Google has invested over $2 billion in the business academy, which is being set up in partnership with the National Institute of Commerce and Industry of India.

Google’s new venture in India will be funded by Google, and will be run by Google Ventures, which also owns an equity stake in Amazon.

The business academy will reportedly have 1,500 students, and has an office in Bangalore.

Google said it will provide students with “a robust, personalized online learning experience,” and will use its expertise to train teachers and educators across India.

The company said it has “expanded its partnerships with several Indian and international schools to enhance the breadth of its education offerings.”

Google is also partnering with a local school in Mumbai to develop an online curriculum for online shopping and training, and is also working with a “local, online business to provide a platform for online education.”

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