Why the Maharashtra commerce academy is a scam: What’s wrong with its ‘university’

Mumbai: The Maharashtra commerce and marketing college (MCMC) is a fraud that has duped hundreds of young people from all over the state and is responsible for thousands of jobs loss and a loss of wealth, said a senior government official.

The college, which has been operating in the capital, Mumbai, for more than a decade, is accused of hiring fake students to train and then firing them for bad work.

It is one of the largest and most lucrative recruitment scams in the country, said Sudhir Bhandari, chairman of the Maharashtra government’s finance department.

In fact, the college is one the biggest scams in Maharashtra and one of its largest employers, said Bhandarri.MCMC has hired more than 1,000 students, who have not done anything at all for the state, he said.

“I can’t believe the numbers we have been receiving from our own people,” he said, adding that the college had not told the government about the hiring of fake students, nor about the loss of jobs to them.

“If the government knows about this, they should take action against the college.”

He said the college’s employment contract has been signed by a corporate partner and not the students.

“The college has not registered with the Maharashtra Securities and Exchange Board (MSEB) or the state’s recruitment agencies.

Its contract is signed by the corporate partner,” Bhandri said.

The College has also not provided any information to the government, Bhandr said.

The government, which oversees recruitment agencies in the state to recruit people for the MCMC, did not respond to queries.

The ministry of corporate affairs said it had received complaints about the college and the recruitment agencies it uses.

“We are aware of the complaint filed by a few concerned persons who have sought action against MCMC,” a statement said.

“This college has been identified as one of those responsible for the loss and loss of livelihood of lakhs of students.

We are investigating the matter and will take necessary action,” the ministry said.MC, which is run by the Adarsh Corporation, which owns the College and the Mumbai Cricket Stadium, had earlier said it was unaware of the allegations and was not in the business of hiring students.

However, it had now taken a public stand.

“Our employees are fully employed.

We do not employ any fake students and are not hiring any of them,” the college said in a statement to The Indian Express.

In a statement, Adarsh Enterprises said it has taken the matter seriously.

“It is clear that we have made significant investments in the Adars.

Our recruitment policies are transparent and adhered to.

MCMC has never been a recruitment agency.

We have given full information to MCMC and the Maharashtra Government,” it said.

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